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Pain Management in One Click: How We Created an Application for Excellent Care Clinics.

Excellent Care Clinics
Release Date:
Mobile Application (Android and IOS), Admin Dashboard


Excellent Care Clinics is a pain treatment center based in Velsen-Noord, the Netherlands. The application  collects answers of the patients to the questions sent them by the doctors. It also shapes the obtained information into daily and weekly digests for the doctors and nurses. The app provides valuable feedback on the medication and surgeries. 


The medical center asked the DSTRCT Media team to make a mobile application suitable for Android and iOS with an admin dashboard in order to expedite the information exchange between the doctors and participants of clinical trials. After a successful launch, Excellent Care Clinics expanded the survey to include a feedback by any patient on surgeries and treatments. The application also provides a feature to instruct patients before surgeries. 


We, the DSTRCT Media team, designed an application for Excellent Care Clinics in full accordance with its requirements. We used the framework React Native to build a tool suiting Android and iOS; for the backend development we implemented Node.js, the data is stored at MySQL, and the servers for our application at AWS.

We also built a custom-themed analytics dashboard, using a PHP panel for the administrators to view the statistics of the patients and get valuable insights from answers to the questions they ask through the app.
The design of the application is intuitive with seamless switching between the questions, helping patients to give feedback timely spending less than five minutes per day. The reminders in the app motivate the users to submit their answers daily. Our team of UI/UX Designers hit the sweet spot between the efficiency and visual appeal, making the application suitable for users at any level of proficiency in digital tools.

UI/UX Design

In the Excellent Care Clinics application UI/UX, our goal was to make the user has the best experience, by creating clear questions buttons and easy to use for all the patients

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