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Optimizing Patient Care: How We Developed a Website for Excellent Care Clinics

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Excellent Care Clinics is an independent pain treatment center helping patients with complex cases resisting standard regimens. The treatments are carried out by anesthesiologists, pain specialists and nurses. They are based in Velsen-Noord, the Netherlands.


  1. Click-to-Choose Pain Areas: Introduce a convenient tool allowing visitors to click on different body parts of a rotating 3D model to explore the corresponding pain treatments without having to learn medical terms.
  2. Pick Your Treatment: Create a simple process for people to choose pain treatments by clicking on photos of specific body parts, ensuring a personalized and user-friendly experience.
  3. Easy Decision-Making: Make the process of search for the available treatments depending on pain areas straightforward for visitors, empowering them to make informed decisions about their care.


Clever and Kandhal from DSTRCT Media teamed up to build the Excellent Care Clinics website. We used such tools as WordPress and Elementor, along with different plugins to make the site just right for Excellent Care Clinics. We added convenient features like a 3D model to make it interactive. Our coding skills helped shape the site to fit the unique needs of Excellent Care Clinics, giving them a personalized and effective online presence. 

  1. Responsive Design for All Devices: To ensure accessibility for a diverse audience, we implemented a responsive design optimizing the website’s display on various devices. The website is easily accessible on a desktop, tablet or mobile device, further enhancing Excellent Care Clinics online presence.
  2. Our Support and Website Optimization:  Our commitment extends to providing ongoing support and optimization. Regular updates, maintenance and improvements are parts of our dedication to ensure that the website continues to effectively represent Excellent Care Clinics and meet the evolving needs of its users.

3D Human Puppet

We added an interactive feature for a more pleasant user experience. Visitors can easily explore pain treatments by clicking on different body parts. It’s a simple and personalized way for individuals to get to know and choose treatments based on their pain areas, making decision-making straightforward and user-friendly.

The Dream

Excellent Care Clinics asked DSTRCT Media to design a top-notch website featuring their leading doctors and various treatments. They wanted a user-friendly platform with informative content showcasing the expertise and excellence of their healthcare services. 

Excellent Care Clinics Details

We made the website easier to navigate by creating sections for different types of pain. Visitors can easily check each category to find treatments. The access to the information about specific pain conditions and treatments has become simpler, making the website easy to use overall. We want people to make smart choices about managing their pain, so we provide clear details about the available treatments in each category, helping visitors understand and decide what’s best for them.

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