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It’s about time to make the shopping experience quite and relaxing with Elysian.

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UI/UX Design


Elysian is an application providing a soothing shopping environment giving each visitor the kind of experience that they prefer. Elysian offers such convenient features as collections of favorite items and push notifications about new launches by someone’s favored brands. In addition, the application includes a search of new items in favorite categories and collections. Elysian also lends an extremely secure mechanism of payment by credit cards.


  1. Easy Search of Favorite Products: Make it unobtrusive for the website guests to discover products in their fields of interest.
  2. Secure Identification: Provide a secure identification of visitors to guarantee trouble-free payments.
  3. Intuitive Interface: Design comfortable layouts and pathways to make the shopping experience more interactive than anything that the competitors can offer.
  4. Better User Experience: Continuously improve the user experience by taking insights from the previous interactions.
  5. Timely Updates on Products: Make sure that the users are the first ones on the Internet who get the information about new product launches and special deals.
  6. Data Security: Guarantee the highest degree of user data security and privacy.



The DSTRCT Media team introduced a system that allows users to mark their preferred products and see how they look together in a personalized collection. It has thus become easier for the visitors to find products that match their tastes and, at the same time, it has provided a material for a statistical analysis of user preferences and experience.


The facts used in the statistical analysis include trends and particular tags which are shared between all of the objects showcased together in a given collection.


We combined the system of bookmarking of favorite items and curated collections to create a better picture of things that people would actually like to buy. We built in a mechanism recognizing user preferences and behavior to serve the visitors exactly what they are interested in.


A simple and beautiful interface with an easy navigation provides a better experience making the guests stay longer on the app. We produced a responsive design with arrows on the sidebar to draw people’s attention to the things unnoticeable at first sight. The application can be accessed from any device with any screen and retains a consistent quality.

UI/UX Design

Elysian main goal is to provide an efficient online shopping environment, where each customer is given an individual experience. The app offers such features as favourite items and collections, log in with an email, feedback and push notifications from your favoured brands that have just come out with new products. In addition, you can search for something by category or collection, then pay by credit card is also made secure. The app hopes that it will be a quiet help to customer satisfaction and simplify the process of shopping.

Elysian Branding

Elysian main goal is to provide an efficient online shopping environment, where each customer is given an individual experience.








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