Intranet Systems 

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Any CEO wants productive employees, but it can be challenging to stay motivated in bigger companies, especially in hybrid work schedules. In many cases there is no person to blame for it, as everyone does their best to communicate in a far from optimal environment. An Intranet System provides fast and reliable communication tools allowing every staff member to ask questions, share their ideas and get appreciated for their efforts.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

What is even more important, an Intranet System allows people to cooperate from anywhere on the globe without compromising the security of your company. If this sounds like something you are striving for, DSTRCT Media can develop Intranet tools designed to solve your business tasks specifically. Here are the solutions that we offer:


While the coziness of your environment largely depends on your team, Intranet Systems streamline the internal communications. Feedback works both ways and there is no better method to know all the pros and cons of your product than learning it from the people working on this product directly. On top of that, Intranet Systems turn employee onboarding into a breeze by providing tools for education, easy access to documents on corporate culture, chats and forums. DSTRCT Media offers you:

Discussion Forums
Messaging Systems 
Group Feeds
Feedback Surveys

Time Management

Keeping your company connected across locations and time zones can be arduous as it requires constant schedule adjustments. We will help your remote teams worldwide work together and eliminate all issues related to time and distance. Our Intranet Systems are fully optimized for mobile apps, allowing your staff to work on any devices anywhere. Here is what we can provide for you to make your scheduling duties effortless:

Task and Project
Management tools 
Shared Calendars
Time Trackers 


Organize and share your information by storing it in centralized content management systems. They allow easy access to any files, policies or even CRMs for your authorized personnel, storing them just one click away. Intranet Systems make sure that HR-related information, such as your company’s benefits and core values, is easily obtainable for your employees. Here are the tools helping your team stay informed:

Company-wide Announcements
HR Knowledge Base
Internal Wiki
Sales CRM 


We provide employee directories with profiles. They help your staff identify each other and get the required contact information easily. The exact details will depend on your corporate culture and can include a short bio or some information about the hobbies of your team members. This is especially important during onboarding new employees. Managers and executives use these profiles to see whether your worker is online and available for a call. Here are the features allowing you to share contact details:

Employee Directories
Skill Assessments 
Online Activity Trackers  
Daily Recaps

Support and Career

Show your precious employees just how much you value them, and how willing you are to support them in their efforts by offering growth within your company. Whether you want your team members to recommend a talented candidate for a position or ensure employee retention – the best way for that is to provide transparent benefits, career development and referral programs. Reward your hard-working personnel and encourage them to advance in their workflows. Our Intranet Systems ensure that no talent is left unnoticed:

Rewards and Recognition Programs
Tech Support Services
Training and Development Programs
Referral Programs 


Don‘t be stressed by thoughts about your information ending up in the wrong hands. We provide a robust security system built into your Intranet System to make sure your sensitive corporate information is safe. Unlike a regular authorization, the security system provided by DSTRCT Media is flexible and authorizes people to do only the things they are supposed to do inside your organization. Besides, the system includes a data backup just in case. Here are the tools we can install to boost your security:

Role-Based Access to Information 
Authorization via OAuth and OAuth 2.0 Protocols
Encrypted Data Transmission
Database Encryption
Data Backup 
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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Intranet Systems work without the Internet?
But how can my remote employees access the Intranet System if they are not tied to my LAN?
What types of content can be shared on an Intranet System?
Can an Intranet System be customized to match the company's branding and visual identity?
We’re already using other workflow solutions; would we have to ditch those?
Can Intranet Systems work without the Internet?

Without a single issue! For your Intranet System to be functional offline, it must be hosted on your local area network (LAN) or a wide area network (WAN) depending on whether you need to connect a single office or several locations apart from each other. The network would link all your employees’ computers together. We set up a firewall to act as a gatekeeper for your data. It also separates your Intranet System from the Internet, offering you better security.

But how can my remote employees access the Intranet System if they are not tied to my LAN?

An Intranet System can be accessed from outside of your LAN or WAN by everyone you give access to. Whether it’s your remote personnel or business partners they can log in your company’s Intranet System through a web-browser.

What types of content can be shared on an Intranet System?

Whatever you’d like. We provide add-ons for your every need so you can store and share any type of content – from simple links and documents to large files with video footage.

Can an Intranet System be customized to match the company's branding and visual identity?

Your Intranet is a part of your brand, so it has to be coherent with your visual identity. Our team of UI/UX Designers works together with Tech Department to ensure the attractiveness and usability of your software’s interface. To know more about User Interface Design, click here *UI/UX Design page link YES RIGHT HERE IT’S ME AGAIN CORNELIUS THE VOICE IN YOUR HEAD HELLO*

We’re already using other workflow solutions; would we have to ditch those?

There is no need for that. Our goal is to provide a simple and seamless integration of an Intranet System. The software can be customized to your liking and become a valuable addition to the tools you already deploy. We make a user-friendly solution that wouldn’t scare away your not-so-tech-savvy employees. The benefit of creating your individual Intranet System is that it can be updated gradually whenever you’d like, attaching any necessary add-on to the existing platform.